Novelty – E-Box – Brushing device for flexible shafts

New product from Pressovac – E-Box – Compact, portable and lightweight brushing device for flexible shafts

Combined with our wide range of shafts, this device is suitable for cleaning ducts up to 400 mm diameter.


  •  Cleaning of ducts of HVAC systems
  •  Cleaning of flue gas systems
  •  Cleaning of chimneys


  • Operated by just one person
  • Pedal, wired and wireless remote control options available
  • Compatible with mini-shafts or flexible and wire shafts up to 20 meters long
  • Adjustable stepless speed control (up to 1100 rpm)
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Equipped with one 230 V power outlet
  • Portable and extremely lightweight (only 7,5kg)

Technical specifications and available models: Brushing Equipment -> E-Box


Ebox working

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