Barrage plugs


Barrage plugs are long lasting and close ducts tightly. One set includes 16 barrage plugs.

  • Barrage plug set for round ducts (Ø100 – Ø500) 2 x 8 pcs
  • Product code: 212.002.001

Support Discs


Support discs support and centre the brush in larger ducts.

Technical Data
Product Product code
Support disc set for round ducts, 5 pcs, Ø315.800 212.001.001
Support disc set for rectangular ducts, 5 pcs 212.001.002
Support disc set T-adapter 2 x 3pcs 212.001.003
Support disc set E-20 for electric reel unit (4 pcs) 212.001.004


  • K-370 compressor 230V/10A/370L/6 bar – Product code 210.001.001
  • Pressovac recommends this compressor for pneumatic reel units
Technical Data
Device K-370 compressor
Output (l): 370
Pressure tank (l): 30
Noise level (dB A): 66
Dimensions (L x D x H) mm: 870 x 560 x 590
Weight (kg): 86

Air transfer hoses


Durable high-quality air transfer hoses.

Required adapters and joint parts are available in our warehouse.


Technical Data
Product Product code
Inlet and outlet hose D=160 mm 4+6 m 208.001.001
Inlet and outlet hose D=200 mm 4+6 m 208.001.002
Inlet and outlet hose D=250 mm 4+6 m 208.001.003
Inlet and outlet hose D=315 mm 4+6 m 208.001.004

Grease plates


Grease plates for removing grease from grease ducts. Grease plates have 5 x 2 m extension rods. It is also possible to attach a brush in the grease plate rod for finishing.

Technical Data
Product Product code
Grease plate set 3+1 (Ø250 – Ø400 + a rectangular shovel) 213.001.001
Grease plate extension rod 5 x 2 m 213.001.002
Grease plate set 6+1 (Ø125 – Ø400 + a rectangular shovel) 213.001.003

Maintenance hatches


Maintenance hatches both for round and rectangular ducts. All common sizes.